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"What an amazing journey we had, culminating in a beautiful birth and a wonderful sense of peace with the arrival of our second daughter. If I had to choose one form of birth support, Suzie would be it. I cannot place a dollar value on her care and nurturing, her wisdom and guidance, her knowledge and skill. Certainly the best pre-natal massage I have ever received but that may just be the least of Suzie's gifts."
Nicci A - scientist

"That was the best massage in my whole life. You're seriously good."
Renee B. – Mumma & Blogger, Sugar Free Recipes

"You are the best of the best."
Nicci H. – Women's Cycling Coach

"Suzie takes you to places you didn't know existed. She has definitely found her calling."
Brenda W. – Virtual Assistant and Personal Trainer

"That was deeply, deeply healing."
Kaya S. - Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Yoga Bones

"That was the best massage I've had in a long time. No-one else has been able to release that for me. You have a natural gift."
Dale C. – Massage Therapist, Healing Happens

"Thank you for the hospital visit. I will always remember what you did for us. You are beautiful".
Alicia G. – Full time Mumma & Guitar Tutor

"It's incredible how good you can feel after just 15 minutes of chair massage. And it's such a cool thing to do. Everyone else in the park was wishing they were part of our group. A totally relaxing day."
Gabriel C. – Mother's Group Event Co-ordinator

"Just wanted to let you know, my baby turned today after your Moxa Massage. You have helped make natural birth possible for us now."
Lizzie A – Full time Mumma

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a born and total healer. I haven't moved so freely for at least a decade."
Lou D. – Psychotherapist