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Couples Massage

Most modern couples find little time to be alone together free of the demands of parenting and a never ending list of tasks. You can increase the benefits of a couple’s massage by taking a relaxing bath before or after your massage and it is encouraged to create a relaxed ambience with music and candles. A couple’s massage is in the comfort of your own home.

A Connected Couples Massage is an ideal solution for busy, time poor couples who have one or more children.

One partner settles the children to sleep while the other receives a massage, before swapping.

Take a bath in magnesium salts before or after to enhance the benefits.

Why should we have a couples massage?

The benefits of a Connected Couple's massage include –

  • Reconnect with each other & experience a greater sense of togetherness
  • Release oxytocin, the hormone of love which flows upon touch, and thereby deepen the bond with each other
  • Shift anxiety and stress associated with birth and parenting
  • Use meditative breathing to transmute fears and negativity allowing you both to feel the flow of happiness, relaxation, confidence and wellbeing
  • You both end up switching off at the same time, feeling blissfully relaxed in your body and mind, and totally connected to each other and ready to roll into bed for a deeply restorative night's sleep.

When should we have a couples massage?

A Connected Couple's Massage is perfect for couples who are waiting to go into labour, have just welcomed the birth of a new baby or who have an established family and want to relax and connect in the comfort of their own home. For expecting couples, it allows you to ready yourself mentally and physically for the journey ahead. For the pappa-to be, a massage allows you to step away and switch off from work-mode so you can fully enjoy your time together as a family. For the mumma-to-be, it allows you to feel confident and relaxed about your upcoming birth and your new role as a mumma.

If your newborn has arrived, you will already understand that parenting carries with it a lot of anxiety, as well as joy. A massage allows you both to breathe out any anxiety trapped in your body. Wherever you are along the spectrum of parenting, you are guaranteed to switch off from the outside world and a baby.