Often telling your birth story is deeply healing, particularly if your birth didn’t go to plan or you have felt unsupported during or since birth. The experience is told over a cuppa tea or a healthy cool drink and is an opportunity to integrate the experience on a mind level before integrating the experience on the body level to release birth trauma.


This birth story healing experience can lead to more in-depth and longer support counselling sessions which help bring you to a place where you are open to birthing without fear in the future.


Some clients specifically buy a package of four massages and counselling sessions (30 or 60 mins) and we proactively work on mind-body integration of trauma and fears in preparation for a subsequent birth.


The process culminates in a healing ceremony called Closing of the Bones, which can be done at any time – even years – after the birth. The ceremony metaphysically, emotionally, spiritually and physically represents a closing of the chapter in life whereby you have honoured and healed the “Re-birthing Yourself”. It’s a process of conscious connection to mind-body and your story over time.

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This experience can include the audio recording of the re-telling of your memories. This is a really beautiful way to capture your story in a comprehensive honest way with someone you trust. A transcript can be given after the session at a cost quoted according to length. The transcript serves as a “place to start” when it comes to writing your child’s birth story.

Postnatal extras

30 and 45 minute support sessions in addition to your postnatal massage

Traditional belly binding for abdominal recovery and deep healing post-birth

The healing power of sharing your birth story. Can be included with your massage or a session on its own.

Deeply nourishing, rejuvenating and energising candlelit bath experience for after your postnatal massage

A 15 minute Bub Rub to settle a restless baby so you can relax into your postnatal massage.

An ancient and sacred womens ceremony to rebirth the mother. Available to experience with your birthing support people.

Enjoy this time with your partner and new baby. A 1 hour massage each and luxury day spa experience.

Monthly gatherings of mamas in the park with 15 minute chair massages and the supportive experience of "village time".


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