"If I can stop one heart from breaking; I shall not live in vain"

Emily Dickinson

Being Pregnant, Birthing a baby and Parenting unravels you, huh, ever so slowly or sometimes hard and fast? The 30 mins or 60 mins options are dedicated to sharing from your heart and soul about anything that pains or saddens you on your soul journey.  You can choose counselling on it’s own, or add counselling into your massage package.


Suzie is not coaching. She’s listening. As a former journalist out of high school, it’s the first lesson she learnt: Listen. Plus she is in the process of obtaining holistic counselling qualifications, not that she feels she needs them, as she’s had my many, many years of real life experience and supporting clients about every imaginable parenting issue possible over the last ten years.


So come, you do not have to suffer alone. Suzie will hold space and guide you as you put yourself back together. In case you haven't already seen it, there's a quote from Emily Dickinson on her wall.. 

"If I can stop one heart from breaking; I shall not live in vain".


She’s known the truth of that since she put herself back together at the age of 18 after a near-death experience. Sometimes all you need is someone who you can confidentially share your challenges with in the moment. Someone who you can trust will hold space non-judgmentally. And if you’re open to it, Suzie can provide resources for further support, but she really works on the premise that you’re an intelligent being who will come to the solution yourself if you’re just given the space to talk it through.    

You just get it Suzie. Oh my God. I come in here thinking I'm alright and I burst out crying because I'm mourning the loss of another 'baby' stage ending. And I feel pathetic at getting upset in front of anyone else.


But then I see tears well up in your eyes as I'm talking and I know you just totally get it and that it's okay for me to talk about this thing I'm holding inside because I feel like no one else will get it.


Why does nobody tell you it's just so overwhelming? Thank you for just holding space with my pain and listening without judgement. And beyond that, just being there, validating me with your very own unique story when it's relevant to my situation. You normalise my journey. Every time I see you. Thank you."


Laura C

Postnatal extras

30 and 45 minute support sessions in addition to your postnatal massage

Traditional belly binding for abdominal recovery and deep healing post-birth

The healing power of sharing your birth story. Can be included with your massage or a session on its own.

Deeply nourishing, rejuvenating and energising candlelit bath experience for after your postnatal massage

A 15 minute Bub Rub to settle a restless baby so you can relax into your postnatal massage.

An ancient and sacred womens ceremony to rebirth the mother. Available to experience with your birthing support people.

Enjoy this time with your partner and new baby. A 1 hour massage each and luxury day spa experience.

Monthly gatherings of mamas in the park with 15 minute chair massages and the supportive experience of "village time".

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Suzie McDarra

Bardon, Queensland

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