Luxuriate in this extended session of bliss and love when you receive a two hour package incorporating counselling, massage and a mini facial massage using the rose quartz crystal roller. 


Yes, you asked and I listened. How many of you already have experienced the huge shifts that happen when you talk about whatever you are  feeling overwhelmed about, before your massage? Remember, when you came in with a pain somewhere in your body, not realising there was all this unresolved emotional pain also needing release? Wherever you are along the journey of motherhood there are inevitably challenges that can sometimes seem insurmountable and incredibly overwhelming. I have realised over the last ten years that I am an “Agent for Change”. And so I invite you to choose this option and to step into the practice of authentically bearing your soul to someone who truly understands. 


However deep the angst or however hard the challenge, raising it to the surface of the mind, and then shifting it through with conscious connected breathwork during the bodywork before you naturally drift into ‘that other dimension’ where the spirit too can heal – this will bring you back to your heart’s centre, leaving you with a clear mind and a sense of harmony in your body. This experience is personalised with Australian certified organic essential oils to support your emotional and physical needs on the day. It is for those seeking more grace in meeting mothering with renewed confidence, capability, joy and lightness in your being. 


As usual, the experience incorporates Suzie’s signature massage style using long flowing strokes whilst guiding you through a deeply relaxing personalised meditation to help bring you into deep connection with the sensory journey. 


Further, this luxe package includes Suzie’s newest offering with a mini facial massage. Feel how the Rose Quartz, the crystal for unconditional love, sooths old wounds as it circulates energy around the heart chakra and the facial muscles, bringing a sense of peace, love and forgiveness. Visibly see how this ancient Chinese skincare tool melts facial tension, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and facilitates lymphatic drainage as it infuses an Australian serum rich in bush botanicals, wild flowers and certified organic essential oils to hydrate the skin and uplift the senses. 


Package valued at $260 - save $65. We can just flow with how much time you need on each offering on the day, eg more counselling or more massage. 


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The BEST massage I've ever had (...and i've had MANY).

I received a session with Suzie two weeks after giving birth when my shoulders were aching from breastfeeding, and my hips and pelvis were very much still recovering. The massage was HEAVENLY! Just perfect in every way.

She intuitively knew exactly what I needed: from the essentials oils she chose for me (which greatly reduced the swelling in my lower back), the way she positioned the support pillows for my absolute comfort (the 'boob pillow' was incredible relief!), the relaxed atmosphere she created (even when my baby cried), and the exact kind of touch I wanted (she used a wide variety of massage techniques to get all those tights spots released without it being too intense).

I felt so much relief in my entire body afterwards and especially my was really beneficial for my postpartum recovery period. I think all mama's should receive such amazing treatment when they're in the midst of all the newborn exhaustion - God we deserve it!

Suzie is a very gifted and skilled practitioner. I can't recommend her services enough!


Holly Wodetzki - December 20, 2018


What an amazing journey we had, culminating in a beautiful birth and a wonderful sense of peace with the arrival of our second daughter. If I had to choose one form of birth support, Suzie would be it. I cannot place a dollar value on her care and nurturing, her wisdom and guidance, her knowledge and skill. Certainly the best prenatal massage in Brisbane I have ever received but that may just be the least of Suzie's gifts.


Dr. Nikki Armour - November 14, 2018


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