SuperFeast Shitake Mushrooms

Superfeast Shitake Mushrooms | 250gram Bag


Shiitake (Lengtinufa erodes) is the nutritional and medicinal powerhouse of the fungi kingdom.


Japanese elders know shiitake as the “elixir of life” and have used it traditionally both as a nutritious addition to meals and as a treatment for many ailments, especially immune deficiencies. 


As a herb, it is revered in the Orient as a Qi (Chi) tonic, to strengthen the respiratory tract, tone the heart, improve circulation, protect the liver and nourish the immune system deeply. 


Nutritionally, shiitakes truly are a superfood mushroom, containing high amounts of amino acids, B-vitamins and minerals. 



  • Immune System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Blood Vessels
  • Respiratory System
  • Optimal Liver Function
  • Healthy Antioxidant Activity

SuperFeast Shitake Mushrooms