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Birth Story Healing + Massage

Often telling your birth story is deeply healing, particularly if your birth didn’t go to plan or you have felt unsupported during or since birth. The experience is told over a cuppa tea, a nourishing brew or a healthy cool drink and is an opportunity to talk about your experience before the bodywork, which is designed to focus on conscious connected breathwork, to help integrate the experience.

This experience can include the audio recording of the re-telling of your memories. This is a really beautiful way to capture your story in a comprehensive, raw, honest way with someone you trust. For a small additional fee, you can buy the audio recording to have as a keepsake. A transcript can be given after the session at a cost quoted according to length. The transcript serves as a “place to start” when it comes to writing your child’s birth story.

The time for talking versus massage is flexible on the day, i.e. you may prefer more talking time

and less massage time. 

"You just get it Suzie. Oh my God. I come in here thinking I'm alright and I burst out crying because I'm mourning the loss of another 'baby' stage ending. And I feel pathetic at getting upset in front of anyone else.


But then I see tears well up in your eyes as I'm talking and I know you just totally get it and that it's okay for me to talk about this thing I'm holding inside because I feel like no one else will get it.


Why does nobody tell you it's just so overwhelming? Thank you for just holding space with my pain and listening without judgement. And beyond that, just being there, validating me with your very own unique story when it's relevant to my situation. You normalise my journey. Every time I see you. Thank you."


Laura C

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