Pregnancy Massage is one of the oldest recorded healing arts, with most cultures having midwives who utilised massage through all stages of pregnancy. Investigation and research over the last two decades has helped popularize pregnancy massage as numerous studies show evidence that prenatal massage therapy is instrumental in improving pregnancy outcomes, fetal development and maternal health.


Evidence indicates a decrease in anxiety, stress hormones and obstetrical complications in women who received regular massages during their pregnancies. Your baby benefits too by a reduction in cortisol, which can otherwise negatively affect fetal brain development and behaviour.


If stress is high during the antenatal period, it increases your baby’s risk of attention deficit or hyperactivity, anxiety, and language delay.

Pregnancy Massage may incorporate by choice and where appropriate

Acupressure (safe points)

Induction (to specific points)

Moxibustion (Chinese herb)

Reflexology (safe points)

Aromatherapy (safe oils)


The pregnancy cushioning system

allows for greater postural alignment than is possible with side-lying. It is a far safer alternative to the tables with the hole, which can result in stretching of the abdominal ligaments due to the belly hanging without support.


By contrast, the foam cushioning system provides a wonderful support and is perfectly safe. In fact, it provides a little more room than usual so your baby is able to move into optimal position. It can therefore optimise your baby's chance of turning if in breach position.

Each full body pregnancy massage experience is designed to ease aches and muscular tension and increase the flow of relaxing endorphins. Your massage balances the use of releasing Remedial techniques with relaxation enhancing strokes. A blissfully comfortable and highly supportive body cushioning system is used, which allows face-down comfort and correct postural alignment regardless of tummy size.

What women say about being able to lie on their tummy... 

I feel weightless


I really don't want


to get up,

Moxa Massage is designed to encourage movement and activity in breach babies. Breach means that the bottom, knees or feet are pointing down. The ideal birth position is head down with baby facing your spine. Used externally, a Moxa stick is held over acupuncture points and the warmth stimulates, tonifies and warms the point.

Fifteen percent of all babies will be in a breach position between 29-32 weeks, but only three to four percent will stay in this position until labour. It is therefore only necessary to seek a Moxa Massage in the last few weeks of pregnancy if nature hasn't taken its course. Studies show the success rate is about 92 percent.


A Blissful Birth Massage during labour eases muscular pain and the use of breathing and visualisation brings you fully into feeling empowered in your body. Generally, this is optimal when you are feeling barriers to coping with the birth sensations.

It is a privilege to be asked into your birthing space and sensitivity and intuition play a huge role in giving you the type of massage you need in the moment.

Birth massages are either 1 or 2 hours in duration at your home, preferably before or early into second stage of labour.



Why should I have a massage when I am pregnant?

According to psychologist, psychotherapist and author Robin Grille, from the third trimester in utero, through birth and the crucial bonding time that follows, our primal experiences mark us for life. "Our moods, attitudes, relationship styles, our reactions under stress, even the functioning of our immune systems bear the imprint of how we were ushered into life," Robin Grille says.


Mother Earth Massages provides a uniquely supportive and nurturing space to connect with your growing baby and enhance your capacity for attachment.

Other research based benefits include 

  • Sooth and relieve pain to the lower back, pelvic and uterine ligaments, which may occur due to the muscle imbalance caused as the uterus expands, ligaments stretch and the centre of gravity shifts

  • Reduce stress, which can result in premature labour due to production of corticotrophin releasing hormones (CRH). Stress can further result in low birth weight which correlates with high blood pressure in mothers, long term infant behavioural problems such as ADD, and cognitive and neuromotor developmental delays

  • Reduce the risks of pre-eclampsia and other hypertensive disorders, which may be a consequence of increased blood pressure due to stress

  • Feel greater suppleness and relief from muscle stiffness and soreness, which may result from retained interstitial fluid

  • Increase your chances of turning a breach baby during a Moxa Massage. The cushioning system allows more room for your baby to move into optimal birth position and the Moxabustion encourages movement. Studies indicate a 92% success rate

  • Feel a greater mind-body-baby connection through guided visualisations and affirmations

  • Discuss the latest research on healthy pregnancy, birth and attachment

  • Bring nutrients to the tissues and eliminate waste products, which may counteract oedema as a result of slower blood flow to the lower extremities

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