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Mother Earth’s Womb to World Support Massage experience is often-requested for its inclusion of Natural Labour Induction techniques. This one of a kind experience incorporates natural measures of encouraging a baby to begin the spiral of life. These natural induction techniques include a gentle but effective, evidence-based ways to help get things moving to bring your baby earth-side. It incorporates acupressure, moxibustion and specific uterine-stimulating essential oils. 

The Womb to World Support Massage is a heart-felt experience curated to help facilitate the body-mind into a ‘birth ready’ state. The massage is underpinned by Suzie’s genuine ability to offer sincere human touch, which is always personalised on the day. There’s the option to start with a short but yummy tummy rub in sitting position and anointing the front of the body with organic essential oils. 


And there’s the option for a gentle rebozo if tummy needs further relaxing. Once you’re lying face down on the pregnancy safe cushioning system, you’ll receive another layer of aromatic dressing to the back of the body, a stress relieving foot massage and reflexology, before a deeply relaxing Kahuna-style massage with long flowing strokes to switch everything off quickly.

Mother Earth Massage - Suzie McDarra - Brisbane Pregnancy Massage

After a blissful head massage, it morphs into Suzie’s signature style massage, which combines relaxation and remedial (if necessary) to release tight and sore spots you’ve mentioned during the consultation. The massage experience is a 1 hr 45 mins with a further 15 mins for a debrief, integration, discussion, and craniosacral move demonstration afterwards, once dressed, to help the head drop down slightly in the pelvis.

Essential Oils: Suzie starts the massage by anointing certain points in the body using a certified organic blend including Clary Sage, shown to increase oxytocin levels (1). This “hormone of love and bonding”, flowing naturally during physiological labour, is produced in the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary. Clary Sage’s oestrogenic action on the system results from pituitary-gonadal stimulation, likely exerting a regulating action on the pituitary gland (2). Clary Sage is a uterine stimulant and relaxant (3). The Australian Certified Organic blend also includes high vibrating frequency oils like Rose and Jasmine, which work energetically on opening the heart. Other oils to help ground the body and release pain are also used in appropriate areas. 


You can add a personalised blend ($10) to cart to continue using at home. 


Moxibustion: Moxibustion (Moxa), is a compact stick of Mugwort and Chinese herbs (4) which is held away from the skin but over certain acupressure points, that are best avoided up until the last weeks of pregnancy. The benefits are that Moxa draws blood flow and heat into the “cervical ripening” acupressure points and corresponding reflexology points for the uterus. Suzie continually assesses the Chi (Chinese) or Qi (Japanese) through the pulses, sensing for the energy that flows through the meridians or pathways in the body. Feeling certain lower & upper body pulses and working intuitively, she helps send physical signals to certain points in the body to warm and for the chi in the body to drop until she feels quite strong pulses, particularly in the feet, nearest the reflexology points for the uterus. Using acupressure, that is, with pressure from fingers rather than needles, Suzie works on activating a small handful of relevant points shown to help ripening of the cervix: helping the cervix soften, dilate and thin out in preparation for labour (5).


You can add a Moxa stick and chart of reference ($2) to cart to continue using at home, with safety tips and instructions shown on the day. 



The Womb to World Support Experience: 


It’s not just about the magic of the oils and moxa. It’s also, if not more-so, about getting the mind ready. Trust stands at the gateway to transformation. A guided meditation takes you on a sensory journey, allowing you to drop into connection with your breath, your body and your babe. As you are guided to focus on each sense, often there’s multiple benefits that Suzie doesn’t often explain, but that may be felt on the subtle energy level. For example, the Third Eye in the centre of the forehead and slightly above your eyes, directly corresponds to your pituitary gland, which as discussed, releases oxytocin, the hormone of love and bonding. Oxytocin helps the uterus contract. Metaphysically, this point is also about tuning into your inner vision. Through breath connection on the exhale, I encourage you to clear out everything that blocks your intuition from being in alignment with that of your babe’s. And to relax your breath into that space tends to enhance your sense of trust in your body’s innate wisdom. Further, you may receive a visual or imagine your baby is receiving a gentle head massage as the skin and uterus expands to allow your baby’s head to come through easily and safely - or however it is you wish to envisage your baby’s birth unfolding.


The meditation weaves in personalised affirmations to counter fears which we have discussed during the consult. Fear and anxiety shut down the flow of oxytocin in favour of cortisol, the stress hormone, and fear can therefore inhibit labour starting, make labour more difficult, or even stop labour progressing. The meditation invites you to surrender and trust in your body’s innate wisdom to unfold in its own perfect timing. It starts and finishes with guided breathwork to align Yin and Yang by connecting heart space to womb space. Further, this breathwork has the added benefit of physically freeing up the small of the back and loosens the Quadratus Lumbar (QL) or lower back area (6).

As the session comes to a close, the sacred smoke of Sage or the Australian indigenous Eucalyptus is used to clear the energetic body of anything that’s no longer necessary. And to place a seal of protection around your auric or energetic field to ward off evil. This acts to allow you to intuitively deflect negative thoughts from yourself and others, and actively feel empowered to give your heart a voice to express your needs and make decisions that ultimately feel right for you and your babe, moment to moment.

After your Womb to World Massage, Suzie will demonstrate a powerful cranio-sacral support technique, which her teacher advised: “do not do this until you are ready to go into labour”. Suzie personally used this move around midnight on the night entering her due date and had birthed by the next evening. Interestingly, an obstetrician-client recently nearly bowled her over in excitement when she returned for her first postnatal massage, saying she credits this move to not only activating her own labour, but she adopted it as “her main position” which she ongoingly used and credits to helping her have a four hour physiological labour.


As you’ve probably gathered, this is a unique experience designed to open you to feel and release oxytocin, the hormone of love released in abundance during physiological (naturally occurring) labour. 


Does Natural Induction Massage work?

In Suzie’s experience, yes it absolutely works! But ultimately it obviously depends on when your baby is ready. It seems obvious to say it, but you can’t force a flower to open. But you can water it with loving nutrients. That is to say, Suzie’s methods are ‘encouraging’, not ‘forcing’ anything. The process is like a nudge to the system physiologically, but there’s also an element of ‘womb whispering’. Suzie is listening and feeling and holding space for the body to release that deep sigh it’s been holding back. Unbuckling the shadows, taking off the masks and laying down the roles you play in the outside world so you come back to feeling trust in the connected and courageous Self. For one woman, things may start happening within hours, but for another it may be that they need to consolidate with deep sleep so it may be 24-48 hours. Keep in mind, evidence shows the uterus is naturally ripening by softening, thinning and opening subtly over a period of a few weeks before you say “I’m in active labour” (7). These are ultimately tools used throughout the experience to help let the body and mind relax, encourage trust in this metamorphic Rite of Passage and to soften and open to the invitation for the spiral of life to begin. And then enjoying the unwinding time you have left before your baby comes earth side.


The Womb to World massage is balanced with pockets of quiet time to feel fully rested and relaxed and ultimately you leave feeling ready to take the journey together. This is an experience that opens you into your birth space, so your body is feeling supple but strong, your mind is clear, focussed and positive, your spirit is connected to your higher guiding power and your soul feels connected to your babe’s. This is a holistic journey towards helping you feel “birth ready”; it’s so multi-faceted, it was difficult to encapsulate this experience with words. What one person’s ideal birth looks like is different to the next and I honour that.


In ten years I’ve heard so many different birth plans and birth stories. Many women just want to go into spontaneous labour, understanding that at least four hours with the production of oxytocin and prolactin will help with bonding and breastfeeding (8), no matter the outcome. My role is non-judgemental as I help bring your desires to the surface for reflection, refining, commitment and affirming. Needless to say, it’s personalised and the synergy created is part of the magic behind why it works. 



Your ideal birth might be to – 

  • go into spontaneous labour for a physiological birth, if possible;

  • go into spontaneous labour before a planned induction;

  • go into spontaneous labour before an intended caesarean (if not contra-indicated, see below)

  • go into spontaneous labour and see what happens on the day


So, whether you experience the induction massage (evolving since 2015) or birth ready massage (evolving since 2010), there’s a few things to know if you want optimal success: 



Tips for Success

Don’t come with a “To Do” list after you go home. “Massage with Suzie” is “the last thing” on that list. Once you leave here, you ideally will take time to earth yourself completely. Suzie often hears feedback from woman who say they drove to the nearby creek to just sit and connect on the earth afterwards. Or you are welcome to sit outside near the Buddha in the front garden to allow some extra integration time to ground and feel into the Earth energy on offer. You are welcome to add a Bath Bliss experience to extend the time to self, but it is definitely optimal to float home (or be picked up) for a long soak, a warm shower or a short nap to compound the benefits. One thing is for sure: you’ll sleep well that night. Giving hubby (and smaller members of the family) heads-up that you might sleep-in the next day is a good idea.  



When should I have an Induction Massage?

Please, don’t leave it until two days before, if you have a hospital induction booked. Even though this natural induction massage can take effect within 24-48 hours, it’s preferable to allow at least three or more days for your body to do its thing gradually, without the stress of the looming hospital date in the back of your mind. If you can’t find a suitable time on the schedule, send a text to Suzie with your preferred day.


If you haven’t been receiving regular massages throughout your pregnancy, it’s preferable to book the New Client option first, preferably within the last month before due date, ideally, to establish a connection and work on releasing the muscular tightness and tension, which often inhibits the body’s ready-ness and can be a task in itself. With those blocked layers of the physical barriers released, i.e. removing yourself from being stuck in the pain body, ideally you would then book an Induction (or Birth Ready Massage if you prefer no intervention) as needed post 40 weeks but ideally closer to between 41 - 42 weeks. A lot of women who just opt for a one-off Birth Ready Metamorphosis or Womb to World Induction Support wish they’d come earlier, as often one session is just not enough, both physically and psychologically. Having said that, if budget and time permits only one session, Suzie will make it work to enhance your mind-body to optimal ready-ness.


Suzie understands the hospital protocol seems to be offering induction earlier and earlier in recent years with some common reasons being: “your baby’s too big, your baby’s too small, there’s too much amniotic fluid or there’s not enough fluid”. She has toiled long and hard with this decision on whether to accommodate women wanting induction support pre-40 weeks. However, Mother Earth Massage does not offer a Natural Labour Induction Massage before 39 weeks of gestation as pre-term birth can increase adverse respiratory outcomes for your babe. If you’d like to discuss being an exception to this rule, please ring for a free personalised phone consult to discuss your situation. Otherwise, take advantage of Suzie’s short self education series which is a compile of info on the possible side effects to mother and baby after synthetic induction, and what they actually mean regarding your choices for induction. 





While medical induction may be necessary for women who have pre-eclampsia, hemochromatosis, diabetes or heart disease - and we have experience in supporting women with these higher risk conditions during their pregnancy – our practice is to refrain from using natural induction techniques with you towards the end of pregnancy. Instead we encourage you to remain under the wings of your primary care providers. Come a week or two before instead for a Birth Ready Massage, aka getting into that “I’m ready” head-space, but without the pressure points etc to activate the body. 


Women in the higher risk category for Gestational Diabetes, High BMI, hypertension and women over 40 are not excluded from the Natural Birth Induction Massage. We welcome you, although keep in mind there is an initial consultation where discussion of any concerns may mean it is better not to interfere with the body’s natural processes, based on your personal history which will be discussed during the free consultation on the day. Either way, you will still receive an amazing massage experience~!



Why Should I?


On a personal note, I’m one for honouring every baby has its own pre-destined birth date that can help act as a guide for emotional and personality development in coming years HERE (9). However, for first time mothers with low risk, uncomplicated pregnancies, the latest statistics (2017 published in 2019) show induction has increased to 40.5 percent. Wow! I really do understand this demand for women seeking to kickstart the birth hormones naturally, if you’re faced with pressure from your care provider to induce by a certain date. That’s how this service was organically born - out of increasing demand. Regardless of your decision, or if you’re still investigating your choices – whether it be natural induction measures, saying ‘yes’ to hospital’s offerings, or where possible, waiting for your body to spontaneously start labour in its own time – check out the mind-opening Self Education Series on Induction in the interim to your massage.


If you choose the gentle measures in the Natural Induction Massage to help encourage babe earth-side, you’ll find this is no ‘one size fits all’ formula. For any woman, whether uncomplicated or higher risk, the intensity of the techniques based on your dates and body’s ready-ness will be taken into consideration. Ultimately, just know this is a gentle, but effective and uplifting experience designed to allow you to feel confident in the journey ahead and ready to trust and surrender into the body’s own natural rhythms.  



Final Step


Pre-consultation questionnaire - For the last five years offering this service, I would do a phone interview before the initial consultation, if you’re a new client, before agreeing to an induction massage. This was to ascertain and optimise the date chosen for induction based on your body’s progress and dates and your reasons for choosing a natural induction. Now, there’s a short questionnaire to fill out which will inform me of any red flags which should be discussed prior to or on the day, so please take a moment to fill out the form which will appear after you book your Womb to World Massage.


Welcoming you in with love and openness.


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