FOUNDERS of SuperFeast, Mason and Tahnee, are serious Taoists (said ‘dow-ists) and their mushroom blends are about fortifying your body from the invasion of pathogens. Unfortunately they have sold out of pretty much all stock, but two powerful immune elixers are currently available, on a first-in first-served basis.


Listen to a series of fascinating podcasts on COVID-19 by SuperFeast founder Mason Taylor interviewing Herbalist and renowned Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jimi Wollumbin. 


The first podcast HERE about the broader philosophical nature of viruses and their spread. See #58 Microbes & Viruses 

The second podcast HERE is specific to the stages and phases of COVID19 infection/invasion designed to empower you in your knowing of how this virus is spreading. Learn how, in the Chinese Medicine realm, this virus is seen as an invasion and how it can be dynamic in the way it moves through the layers of the body. See Fireside Friday March 19 The Phases of COVID-19 Invasion.  



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