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SuperFeast - Reishi

Reishi supports sleep and releases stress. It is a Grade A safety herb. As a Shen tonic it is safe to take for prolonged periods as the benefits compound. SuperFeast founder Mason says this life-changing 'shroom should be on the preggie "To Take" list just as Raspberry leaf tea and Nettle are.


The research on Reishi is phenomenal, but essentially it is a really great food for the gut microbiome and "it can go to the level of the bone marrow and tone the marrow" says Mason. "Taking it during pregnancy and while breastfeeding can put you in the category of having what Asians call a  calm and grounded "Reishi Baby" - ie, babies (and children) who are grounded and present energetically and spiritually." Take late arvo or at night to support sleep and earlier in the day if you want to release stress.

SuperFeast - Reishi

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