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I feel like I returned “home to my heart” when I returned to using Certified Organic Australian company Perfect Potion again in 2020. I was originally using Perfect Potion for several years, and then tried doTERRA for three years but didn't resonate with the MLM experience (Read about it HERE). Ultimately I just love the quality and guarantee of using certified organic products. Plus I believe there’s never been a more important time to support Australian's in business. 

Despite my years of experience with doTERRA, Mother Earth Massage does not recommend internal use of essential oils unless you are under the supervision of a practitioner holding a minimum Diploma of Aromatherapy qualification or a Naturopath. I have studied specialist courses in utilising essential oils during pregnancy, birth and postnatal use, lymphatic drainage massage course using essential oils, and I’m currently studying using essential oils on TCM acupressure points, including essential oils to transform trans-generational trauma. 

These few hand-selected items are focussed on enhancing your immunity and supporting your birthing journey. 

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I truly believe if you use the right essential oils for your family’s health needs, they will work their own magic. The wisdom of the plant kingdom is unsurpassable. Once you experience the benefits - whether it be for strengthening your immune, using them during maternity, in exchange for non-toxic household cleaning, or for greater emotional balance - you'll never go back to the toxicity of synthetic living. 

You can read about a personal story about how and what I used to help my Dad recover using different essential oils to combat a chest infection on my BLOG HERE

Expect to receive your stock by courier within 7-10 days of ordering. Courier costs are extra and can be added to cart. Unfortunately due to minimalizing travel across our city, there is no pickup opportunity for Brisbane at present.


Aroma Defence - acts as a preventative as it contains essential oils from the phenolic family - the element of Thymol in Thyme and Eugenol in Cinnamon – which makes the protein in the virus or bacteria shrink up so it becomes inactive. Yes, that’s the power of this blend. It kills the virus and bacteria by shrinking them so it becomes inactive. 

However Aroma Defence contains Thyme and if pneumonia (excess mucous on the lung) is evident, then the element of Thyme can overwhelm the body with too much mucous. Therefore, Aroma Defence is best used as a preventative before the infection takes hold or at the end to kill and clear the leftover virus from the mucous membranes (lungs, airways, digestive systems). Thyme can be useful to assist the leftover cough to shift any congestion or blockage.


View ingredients list in the shop product (left)

Precautions As Aroma Defence is a strong blend, you don’t need too much in your diffuser. Start with 2 drops and increase to a maximum of five drops per diffuser. There’s no contraindications during pregnancy for use in a diffuser, nor for children under 6 years old but you would use only two drops and make sure the room is well ventilated. Again, Aroma Defence is for a diffuser only. You will come out in a burn or welt if you use it topically. Do not be tempted to use on the skin.

Breathe Easy - is a better option while in the acute phase of a viral or bacterial infection and is beneficial if you already have the flu or worse, as it’s ingredients support the airways. Eucalyptus is your safe guard against influenza. It’s antibacterial and antiviral plus it helps dissolve the mucous on the lung, by helping it thin and loosen from the lung. Eucalyptus helps relieve blocked nose and sinus. For the elderly or weak, it’s nature’s way of increasing blood flow into a region, which is pretty handy if you’re wanting to take pressure off the heart. 


We all know Aborigines used Tea Tree for wound healing for centuries, but it has been found to have strong immune building properties and is particularly beneficial for the respiratory system. Inhaled it has anti-inflammatory properties. A 2013 study by Li found Tea Tree inhibits the entry of the influenza virus into the host cell

(see HERE)

Lemon is energising (like all citrus it’s nature’s way of maintaining a positive mood), it reduces fever, is a germicide, and helps white blood formation. Inhaling the scent can help reduce stress and anxiety. Breathe Easy, in correct dilution is safe for topical use. View full list of ingredients in the shop product.

Precautions Breathe Easy blend is perfect for diffusers during sickness, and if you want a topical massage blend, try the Breathe Easy Balm. Or you can make your own blend with a carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil or black sesame oil. 


Adults - 1 drop in 2 ml bottle of carrier oil or 2.5 %

Children - 1 drop in 4 mls of carrier oil or 1.25% 

Very young babies or pregnancy - 1 drop in 10 ml

If you have young children, ensure the diffuser is in a well ventilated space.  


If you’re on medications, please consult with a qualified aromatherapist or naturopath before using essential oils topically. Having oils in a diffuser is safe as the amount inhaled would not cause any interaction with medications. 

For more on how airborne viruses are killed by certain essential oils when vaporised, see what Salvatore Battaglia has got to say HERE

Essential Oils

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