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Nature’s protocol for staying well this winter

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

IN the winter of 2019, my then 92 year old father got the nasty flu going around. I was expecting him to die because, a few weeks earlier, I got the same flu and as I rarely get sick and still had symptoms including a persistent cough for weeks, I knew it was seriously hard on the lungs.

Over the course of those weeks I had the virus, I discovered protocols that seemed to work on restoring my immune system and shifting the congestion off my lungs. But within two weeks of him getting the same symptoms as I'd just shifted, it looked like his symptoms were turning to pleurisy or pneumonia as he quickly became too weak to cough up the congestion on his lungs. Instead of making him "comfortable to die", I knew I needed to go out West and see if I could help him.

When I arrived at the oldies home for the first time he was just a shadow of his former healthy self. He was so weak, he couldn’t even hold the small ceramic salt inhaler. He greeted me after my long absence with "Oh Suzie, I'm sorry, I'm too weak to speak". For the first few days, he had no interest in speaking and so each day I visited him at the “Pioneers” home, I would massage essential oils into his back. I'd then hold the Salt Inhaler for him as he breathed in the Himalayan salt, which was infused with a single drop of Breathe Easy essential oil blend. And I'd rub Aroma Defence diluted with magnesium lotion on the soles of his feet.

As he was breathing in, I guided him through a meditation visualising himself on top of the ocean waves, where nature’s most healing negative ions are at their most powerful. I noticed just how much deeper he would try to breathe in, literally soaking the essence and energy of the healing salt and oils into his lungs along with the past memory surfacing of his physical fitness peak days as a lifesaver on Sydney beaches. It was beautiful to watch him re-energise himself day by day; bringing the life-force within him to the surface by connecting to his breath, as I intuitively transported his mind back to a time and a place where he felt the healthiest and strongest in his body.

The diffuser with the Easy Air blend ran most of the day. And the beautiful caring staff gave him Bone Broths at each meal as he wasn’t really interested in eating. Within about a week he was back to his old self, and whilst still not 100% I was able to actually take him on an outing. We drove out for a cuppa to his spiritual homeland, a nature reserve on the outskirts of town called Iningai Nature Reserve, which he was founded after saving the area from a development application during his early retirement years.

I feel profoundly convinced that the protocol I followed worked in helping restore my Dad’s health. Who knows, as a local mate says "the characters of the bush are as tough as the landscape" so he may have recovered in his own time. But I do believe this protocol helped expedite his recovery. This story explains why I’ve pulled together this 'winter wellness protocol' to help you safeguard yourself and your extended family during these challenging times. While I cannot guarantee individual results, the products I’m offering in my online shop are the same products I used with my Dad and have used proactively in my own family as preventatives over many years. Of all the protocols for shifting the flu symptoms on the chest which so often affect the elderly, I feel the salt inhaler with a drop of the Easy Air blend, which contains the Australian bush remedies of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, was his lifesaver.

The salt inhaler came to me by Divine intervention. A client I hadn’t seen for two years since she'd had her second baby, but was booked for a home visit the day before I urgently decided to head Westward said she’d used the salt inhaler for her young son who had the flu. When she mentioned how it helped loosen mucous and phlegm build up, I remember thinking “this is the missing link” to solve my Dad’s difficulty with breathing and coughing up the gunk on his chest. So after leaving her, I immediately drove an hour round trip to the nearest stockist to purchase one before heading out West the next day. As I still had a lingering cough myself, I used the salt inhaler several times over the following two days' drive. The remnants of my cough was 100 percent gone by the time after the 18 hour drive.

As flu-like symptoms are often characterised by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs, you can see why inhaling Himalayan salt is a natural way to help support the body to dissolve congestion.

As a preventative the most critical items in your winter wellness kit would be the Himalayan salt inhaler. To this you can choose to add just one drop (that’s right, just ONE drop is powerful enough and any more can irritate the airways) of Eucalyptus OR Easy Air, if there’s congestion on the lung. If there's no congestion and you're wanting more of a "preventative protocol", you can use ONE drop of Aroma Defence. Or quite simply, just the salts on their own will still do the trick, but the oils enhance or quicken the effects.

So, thanks for reading my story. Looking after myself using the gifts from nature is one of my passions. I've been into essential oils for several years now, studying various courses for use in pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal, infant and paediatric care. Essential oils are essentially the potency of plants in a bottle. I think I absorbed the "let food be thy medicine" philosophy from Dad who raised us on "home-grown everything". Happy to say, Dad's still with us and turns 95 on December 24, 2022!

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