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HIMALAYAN Crystal Mineral Salt is the purest salt in the world and has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Salt therapy has been used for many centuries to help loosen mucus build up and phlegm. Studies demonstrate how people with chronic respiratory conditions, seasonal allergies, sinus, breathing problems due to pollution, asthma, smoking, bronchitis and skin disorders all vastly improve with regular use of simply breathing through a Salt Inhaler.


The Himalayan Salt Inhaler


A small, portable, non-invasive, convenient, drug-free ceramic product which is safe for all ages and very easy to use. This is most suitable as both a preventative and during respiratory illness.

The Ceramic Neti Pot 


A natural way of cleansing the nasal passage and sinuses of mucus. Neti means ‘water cleansing’ in Indian or Ayurvedic medicine. I personally used the Neti Pot every day in winter as a preventative measure as the nose is a breeding ground for germs and viruses as quite often they enter the body via the nasal passage first. Once sick, Dr Sears explains, the body’s normal infection-fighting system is to pour out mucus into the nose and sinuses. A neti pot helps flush that gunk out of the nose, whether as a preventative or during illness.


I used a Neti pot with my son from about aged four. It’s a pretty cool alternative to medicated sprays laden with chemicals. 


Please understand all items are subject to availability and orders will be filled on a first-in first-served basis. You will be advised of any items which become out of stock and given a restocking date provided to me from my suppliers, with the opportunity for a refund should re-stocking not be possible within a satisfactory time-frame. My suppliers advise me stock is moving very fast and there can be no guarantees to orders as I am purchasing after I receive orders, not pre-stocking products. 


Expect to receive your stock by courier within 7-10 days of ordering. Courier costs are extra and can be added to cart. Unfortunately due to minimalizing travel across our city, there is no pickup opportunity for Brisbane at present.


I can confidently say I believe using the Himalayan Salt Inhaler with one single drop of essential oil helped save my 92 year old Dad’s life during a bad flu season. 


It’s that simple! 


Actually, in hindsight whilst pulling together my favourites for this shop, I’m wondering if I got sick last winter because I dropped and broke my ceramic Neti Pot on the bathroom tiles and so didn’t do this cleansing ritual as a preventative. Mmm… 

You can read about a personal story about how and what I used to help my Dad combat his viral infection HERE


As a preventative the most critical items in your survival kit would be the Himalayan salt inhaler – if you get sick – and the Neti Pot – to prevent you from getting sick.


If pregnant or children under six years old, start with the Himalayan salt inhaler only without the added essential oil. On their own, the salts are very powerful at loosening and releasing phlegm. In fact the salt inhalers are a perfect birth kit tool too, creating support for deeper diaphragmatic breathing whilst opening the airways and therefore reducing anxiety and creating greater presence and connection to the now. 


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