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A Bit About Me

Since 2010, Suzie has weaved her experience into a unique expression of helping pregnant, birthing and postnatal women immerse themselves into the depths of relaxation in their constantly changing body.

With a fascination for the intricacies of healing her own body after fracturing her pelvis in a car accident at 18, Suzie’s journey has taken her into the intricate symphony of interconnectedness between the human body and it's powerful interplay with mind and spirit. Her desire is to help use various modalities to heal physical or emotional pain, so as to allow you to enter into a state of ‘flow’, inner-connectedness and harmony.

Over the years, Suzie has immersed herself in the heart-centred practice of giving and receiving through the ancient traditions of intuitive body touch, essential oils, acupressure, fascial tissue release, lymphatic drainage, remedial corrective techniques, Reiki and other evolving energetic modalities, breathwork and protective shamanic practices. Suzie has learnt the art of listening deeply and is also trained in Psych-K for those wanting to move beyond outdated, unconscious programming. 

She supports clients in gaining clarity of mind regarding Birth Choices, with the intention of helping them work through fears of the unknown. Suzie supports women to uncover the birthing pathway that best suits their desires, from a whole-brain state. Her ambition is to educate pregnant women so they can make decisions allowing them to whole-heartedly embody the unfolding of their unique mothering pathway.

For fun, Suzie enjoys adventures with her teenager, journaling about life in new earth, creating an edible garden, bushwalking, fresh water swims, reading ~ the old fashioned way with a book in the hand, and watching the sun set in her hammock. 

The eternal student

2009 - 2024

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage, Q Academy

  • Certificate IV Massage Sports & Relaxation, Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS)

  • Certificate IV Fitness & Personal Training, (AIAS)

  • Integrated Manual Therapy, James Waslaski

  • Certificate of Pregnancy Massage, Pregnancy Massage Australia

  • Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage, High Risk, Pregnancy Massage Australia

  • Postnatal Abdominal Binding & Herbal Remedies, Restoring Mums, Hong Kong

  • Hahana Hot Stones Massage, Philip Cook (BHSc)

  • Making Pelvic Space Using Pelvic Jiggling and The Rebozo, Jenny Blyth 

  • Acupressure to encourage optimal natural birth, Tom Kennedy BSc MBAcC

  • Lymphatic Drainage & Aromatherapy, Australian College of Aromatherapy 

  • Essential Oils for the Birth Kit, Daily Nectar, Stephanie Pearson

  • Tending the Ancestral Wounds with Essential Oils & Acupressure, Tiffany Carole

  • Transforming Transgenerational Trauma with Essential Oils, Tiffany Carole

  • Core Foundations, Pelvic Floor First, Sue Croft & Marietta Mehanni

  • Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy, Jane Hardwicke Collings

  • Wild Mothers Medicine Chest: Plant Remedies with Arielle

  • Body Full of Grace: A DIY Guide to Alleviate Pregnancy Pain

  • The Complete Guide to Freebirth Course - Freebirth Society

  • End of Life Doula Guide Training – 13Moons Women’s Temple

  • Aquarian Age Business Course – 13Moons Women’s Temple

  • Business Coach Coursework - Leonie Dawson

  • Qigong Training, Ken Cohen

  • Trail Guide to the Body

  • Reiki – Level 1, Kaya Slater

  • Conscious Connected Breathwork, Lloyd Lalande in the Leonard Orr tradition

  • Somatic Pathways Workshop, Ken Warren

  • The Vagus Nerve Miracle, Melissa Romano

  • Holistic Vagus Nerve Stretches for Immediate Relief, Sadie Nardini


  • Somatic Trauma Therapy Training for Professionals, Manuela Mischke-Reeds

  • EmbodyBirth™ certified educator, Maha Al Musa 

  • Healer's Training, 13 Moons Women's Temple, Leila McKail & Sam Lindsey German

    •  Qualifications:

      • Kundalini Meditation Teacher 

      • Reiki 1, 2 and Master

      • Subtle Body Energy Healer

      • Circle Facilitator

1989 - 2008 - Prior to specialising in the healing arts and truly finding her calling, Suzie did a journalism cadetship after boarding school and spent a year or so roaming around the world, before doing a Degree in Leisure Management at Griffith Uni which led her into the tourism industry. She holds a Post Certificate in Creative Writing at QUT and ran a boutique PR biz for a few years, and trained as an independent freelance journalist.   

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