Essential Oils Magic


The use of essential oils can help soooo many things. It can help facilitate hormonal balance so as to combat postnatal 'blues', help reduce stress and enhance sleep quality, reduce fatigue and provide energy, support lymphatic flow to minimise your chances of blocked breast ducts causing mastitis, help milk supply, help the uterus return to its usual position quicker, help postnatal haemorrhoids, heal perennial tears, reduce the darkness from the linea alba line from the belly button and reduce caesarean scars and stretch marks. 


It is a fascinating rabbit hole. Suzie loves supporting Aussie businesses and uses Australian Certified Organic products and offers a 15 minute Essential Oils Education on the safe usage of essential oils.


You can purchase 15 mins consultations which can be conducted in person as an addition to your massage time, by phone or by email. 

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