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Welcome to a collection of my favourite, tried and tested products to create a healthy, nourishing and supportive foundation for growing a healthy babe.


I am so happy to see the growing emphasis on postnatal care in recent years. There wasn't this knowledge when my babe was born in 2010 and I learnt the hard way by suffering postnatal depletion several years down the track and going in search of my own cures.

Every product you see is chosen because it has worked for me personally. In some areas, I've tried multiple brands in the process before settling on the brand I share with you now. I have been using most of these brands for at least a few years before I decide to stock it. Others, which are newer to the market have come highly recommended by multiple clients. Only after I hear consistently positive feedback does it make it on to this shop-front. 

Each category contains detailed information on brands and products curated in sub-headings like "Immunity" to support you during the winter cold and flu season. Plus "Pregnancy" or "Postnatal" or "Body" or "Home" or "Nourish" to refine your options.


Shipping and supply has been fluctuating since 2020, and I will do my best to keep you updated on current supply, stock shortages and delivery times. 


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