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SuperFeast QI - 250 grams

QI | 250gram Bag


Qi (Chi) is the energy that animates and protects our body, mind, cells and organs, and drives their functions. The Qi blend is a beautifully crafted formula using the most revered Qi tonics of the Taoist tradition that work to strengthen the lungs, spleen and surface immunity known as Wei Qi. 


Along with toning the organs of digestion, the herbs in the Qi blend are all powerful immune tonics. Herbs such as Astragalus and White Atractylodes are highly revered for their ability to strengthen the Lungs and support the body in building potent, protective surface immunity, offering a shield against external pathogenic forces. 


Doctor of TCM, Jimi Wollumbin, says the chief or ‘emperor’ herb, is immunological adaptogen, Astragalus. "The modern rationale in regards to COVID-19 is that by the time you show any symptoms you’ve actually needed anti-viral support for 4-7 days." Blends containing Astragalus provide needed protection to the immunity and should be used as a preventative. 


Poria fortifies our immune defences further, assisting the body to transform any fluid or damp invasion to the body. 


The addition of Turkey Tail is the final cherry on top of this already incredible immune blend, it’s presence awarding Qi as one of the key immune formulas int eh SuperFeast apothecary. 



• Astragalus root+, poria mushroom, codonopsis root, white atractylodes root, turkey tail mushroom, gynostemma leaf, jujube fruit. (+dual extract); (• sourced Di Tao from traditional herb producing regions of China)


Serving Suggestion


Start with ¼ to ½ tsp daily

Stir into hot water or plant milk for an instant tonic tea

Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals. 


Independently tested. No added fillers or starches. Packed by weight, not volume. These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA or FDA. If pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your healthcare provider before adding these herbs to your diet. 


Want more?


To understand the wonders of Qi, or energy - the second treasure in the Taoist system listen to SuperFeast founders Mason and Tahnee, discuss di-ease as a manifestation of blocked/stagnant Qi. HERE


SuperFeast QI - 250 grams

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