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Breathe Easy Balm

Breathe Easy Balm | 30 grams


Perfect for younger ones and adults alike for topical massage, enjoy the refreshing and purifying aromas of Pine, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon and Tea Tree in this smooth-textured balm when feeling congested, particularly during cold and flu season. Breathe Easy Balm is the go-to winter remedy. It helps provide natural relief when you’re feeling chesty and under the weather. These purifying essential warm and refresh the respiratory system, preventing and improving any congestion.


  • Smooth-textured balm
  • Made entirely from natural and organic ingredients
  • Refreshing, cleansing and purifying


This product make a safe alternative to Vix vapour rub (which contains petroleum and turpentine oil), but contains beeswax and therefore, is not vegan. 


Breathe Easy Balm

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