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Raspberry leaf is a thought of as a uterine tonic and is commonly used to prepare the body for birth.


Drinking Raspberry leaf tea is believed to shorten labour with no identified side effects for the birthing women or their babies. A study also found ingestion might decrease the likelihood of pre and post-term gestation. An unexpected finding in a study indicated that women who ingest raspberry leaf might be less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes, or require a caesarean section, forceps or vacuum birth than the women in the control group.




ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Take during the third trimester of pregnancy only. Not suitable during the first or second trimester.


Week 32 to 37- 1 cup per day
Week 37 – 2 cups per day
Week 38 – 3 cups per day
Week 39 on wards- 4 cups per day


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