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Mother Earth Massage _ Pregnancy Massage

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YOUR initial consultation will include a Magnesium rich relaxing foot spa with essential oils of Myrrh and Peppermint or Ginger, while you fill out the paperwork, plus a consult with Suzie to discuss your needs on the day. This will be followed by a 1 hr 45 mins massage experience. Allow 2 hrs 15 mins on the day.


A Breech Moxa Massage experience starts or ends with the gentle sifting of a Rebozo around your tummy, which helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system where calm and trust abide. Often there’s a core inhibiting emotional element, which once identified during the consultation, are created into positive affirmations. These are weaved into a deeply relaxing guided meditation, which is visualising guiding your babe to turn to head down position. You’d be surprised at the power of the mind, so just leave your doubt at the door and open to the experience. Plus you may like to add Australian certified organic essential oils to the massage to relax the nervous system and release your mind from worry.

A blissfully comfortable and highly supportive body cushioning system is used, which allows face-down comfort and correct postural alignment regardless of tummy size. Comments about being able to lie on your tummy include: "I feel weightless".


The pregnancy cushioning system allows for greater postural alignment than is possible with side-lying. It is a far safer alternative to the tables with the hole, which can result in stretching of the abdominal ligaments due to the belly hanging without support.

Image by Anna Hecker

By contrast, the foam cushioning system provides a wonderful support and is perfectly safe. In fact, it provides a little more room than usual so your baby is able to move into optimal position. It can therefore optimise your baby's chance of turning if in breach position. 


During Suzie’s signature full body kahuna-style full body massage, there’s extra focus on the round ligaments and the sacrum, glutes, hips and SIJ (sacroiliac joints). The experience of softening and balancing the entire muscular structure of the body will leave you feeling subtle in your muscles and ligaments. You’ll get a whiff of moxibustion (mugwort) to the Bladder 67 acupressure point in combination with essential oils of Peppermint and Myrrh as Suzie continues to work the points throughout the massage.


You will leave with the competency in using a Moxa stick at home, which should become routine for 20 mins a day x ten days, as well as a small blend of essential oils to support the process in the following days. It’s a good idea to take a magnesium rich bath after your massage and allow plenty of space to rest. Even better if you can sleep in the following morning – some mums report the best sleep in weeks, not to mention the body’s tendency to ‘sleep-in’, if sleep or worry has previously been an issue.


It may calm your fears to know about 15 percent of all babies will be in a breech position between 29-32 weeks, but only three to four percent will stay in this position until labour. It is therefore only necessary to seek a Breech Moxa Massage between 34–37 weeks if nature hasn't taken its course. Studies show the success rate of a baby moving into optimal birth position with a little guidance is about 92 percent. Or perhaps that’s thanks to the fabulous dedication of the well-known Spinning Babies movement HERE. Plus listen to a podcast HERE. Plus  watch a short video from Edwina at Birth Beat HERE who demonstrates certain moves which she encourages between 26-28 weeks.



If baby doesn’t spin, come on in and rest on the tummy lying cushioning system with your bum a little higher than usual, which supports the ability for babe to move into optimal position as it generally frees up a bit of space. If Bub can’t move from breech to optimal, there’s a very good reason. And if natural birth is your ultimate goal and given enough notice, I can recommend a natural breech birth doula &/or arrange a chat with a client who gave natural birth to her frank breech baby vaginally and without intervention. 

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