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Pregnancy Massage (New Clients)

Full body pregnancy massage + Magnesium Rich Foot Spa + Consult

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 160 Australian dollars
  • Kenmore

Service Description

FREE foot spa + consult Your initial session will include a Magnesium rich relaxing foot spa + a consult with Suzie to discuss your needs + 1hr full body massage Each full body pregnancy massage experience is designed to ease aches and muscular tension and increase the flow of relaxing endorphins. Your massage balances the use of releasing Remedial techniques with relaxation enhancing strokes. A blissfully comfortable and highly supportive body cushioning system is used, which allows face-down comfort and correct postural alignment regardless of tummy size. Comments about being able to lie on your tummy include: "I feel weightless" and "blissful" and "I really don't want to get up, ever". The pregnancy cushioning system allows for greater postural alignment than is possible with side-lying. It is a far safer alternative to the tables with the hole, which can result in stretching of the abdominal ligaments due to the belly hanging without support. By contrast, the foam cushioning system provides a wonderful support and is perfectly safe. In fact, it provides a little more room than usual so your baby is able to move into optimal position. It can therefore optimise your baby's chance of turning if in breach position. Pregnancy Massage may incorporate by choice where appropriate - Acupressure (safe points) Induction (to specific points) Moxibustion (Chinese herb) Reflexology (safe points) Aromatherapy (safe oils)

Contact Details

  • Kenmore QLD, Australia


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