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Studies of babies have found regular massage helps treat constipation, colic and sleeping problems as well as helping babies gain weight at a faster rate. Add a 15 minute "Bub Rub"  to your postnatal massage. Whether at your home or at Suzie’s home in Bardon, your carer can bring bub back for a Bub Rub after your massage. Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of having a carer to take Bub away. While it’s not ideal, it’s better than nothing at all. Many a time over the years, I have performed a soothing Bub Rub to help bub sleep so you can have your massage. 

If you are coming for a postnatal massage you don't need to book in a Bub Rub, we can just include it on the day if baby is unsettled and not sleeping.


"I was worried when my Bub kept waking up every 10-15 mins - he just wouldn't settle long enough for me to have my massage would he!


And after a few tries of rocking the bouncer with your foot while still managing to massage me, only for him to wake up again, you suggested to give him a Bub Rub.


Well I just wanted to let you know that essential oil blend combined with your magic hands really worked! My baby slept for three hours after the massage that day!"

Melanie S

Postnatal extras

30 and 45 minute support sessions in addition to your postnatal massage


Traditional belly binding for abdominal recovery and deep healing post-birth

The healing power of sharing your birth story. Can be included with your massage or a session on its own.

Deeply nourishing, rejuvenating and energising candlelit bath experience for after your postnatal massage

A 15 minute Bub Rub to settle a restless baby so you can relax into your postnatal massage.

An ancient and sacred womens ceremony to rebirth the mother. Available to experience with your birthing support people.

Enjoy this time with your partner and new baby. A 1 hour massage each and luxury day spa experience.

Monthly gatherings of mamas in the park with 15 minute chair massages and the supportive experience of "village time".

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