Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion (50%) with MSM Ultra

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion (50%) with MSM Ultra


No more leg cramps, stronger bones, more radiant skin, balanced hormones, a relaxed body and mind – these benefits are all made possible by sufficient magnesium in our cells. MSM is a powerful nutrient that contributes to the maintenance of healthy joints, tendons, and other connective tissue. Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Lotion Ultra has all the benefits of our original magnesium lotion, with the added benefits of OptiMSM®.

  • MSM maintains healthy joints, tendons, ligaments
  • MSM supports healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Maximizes exercise benefits through inflammation relief and muscle recovery.
  • Magnesium and MSM have synergistic benefits when applied together.


With ingredients of Magnesium Chloride and MSM mixed with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, this lotion is way nicer and more nourishing than the sticky sprays. 



Apply as a moisturiser after shower and/or 30 mins before bed to enhance quality of sleep.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion (50%) with MSM Ultra


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