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105 min Pregnancy Massage Return Client

Includes a FREE 15min check in + 1 hr 45 min full body massage

  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • 280 Australian dollars
  • Kenmore

Service Description

Allow 2 hrs on the day. After your initial consultation, subsequent sessions roll in a unique rather than a formulaic way as quite often you have different complaints surfacing as you grow in size, so no two massages are the same. Remember that weightless feeling? Yes, the blissfully comfortable body cushioning system is adjustable to suit your tummy size. Tummy lying is such a luxury as it takes the pressure off sore hips and allows greater alignment than side-lying. And even if you are side-lying, the cushion is set up to take pressure off the shoulder. Each massage still offers a full body Kahuna-style experience to start, using long flowing strokes to switch everything off quickly. Each full body pregnancy massage experience is designed to ease aches and muscular tension and increase the flow of relaxing feel-good endorphins. Your massage balances the use of relaxation enhancing strokes with releasing Remedial techniques, where necessary. While pressure is always within your tolerable-limits, sometimes when you first become aware of a tenderness, e.g. a weak glute muscle, it can become a bit like a practical hypnobirthing session. With a long, personal history of extensively learning and practicing “rebirthing” or conscious connected breathing to manage pain post a car accident at 18, Suzie guides you to release out the trapped muscular tension, using the breath. This is a good practice to shift out the pain as it surfaces, and reduces your chances of being stuck in the “pain body” during your actual labour. Sound is good here. Sometimes pain is like peeling an onion. And pregnancy is about finding a new relationship with the word “pain”, like you’ll find a new relationship with the word “sleep” after bub’s been around a while. But you’ll find, if you allow yourself to be fully present and focus on breathing into the sensation or pain, the tension or feeling that has come to the surface for release usually dissipates much quicker than if you get caught up in the mind-labelling. Please be reassured, the release work is meant to be within your pain threshold and I work intuitively here, but you should feel free to express your needs in regards to pressure and precision at the time. Most Mamas-to-be ultimately drop into a deep state of relaxation after the head massage. I could write a PhD about the unwinding that happens in the body.

Contact Details

  • Kenmore QLD, Australia


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